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RESCUE (2019)
Cover Art 2 without border hi res
Track listing:
1. Heaven’s Door
2. No Burden
3. The Glory Song
4. Desperate Cry
5. Safe in the Arms of Jesus
6. No Time For Jesus
7. He Was Despised
8. Waiting Game
9. Send Us Out
10. Singing a New Song

℗ 2019 Kerygma 180. All songs © 2019 Gareth Hides except track 3 (Public Domain).
Recorded at Fonia Records, in Lviv, Ukraine (except track 9)
Engineered and mixed by Yurko Melnyk (except track 9)
Mixed by Tim Gosden (track 9)
Mastered by Denis Blackham at Skye Mastering
Artwork by Nancy Adjei
Gareth Hides – Vocals, Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Bass
Manuel Schaban – Drums, Bass, Additional Percussion
Elmar Diener – Piano, Organ
Marly Grace Rogers – Backing Vocals (track 1)
Andrey Chmut – Saxophone (solo on track 2)
Anna Ryland-Jones – ‘Cello (track 5)
Adam Waller – Drums (track 9)
Vivan Hakizimana – Bass (track 9)
Peter Donnison – Trumpet (track 9)

What people are saying about “Rescue”
“…catchy and definitely makes you think… So, despite some reservations, I still found enough quality and lyrical depth in this album to make me want to listen again.” Geoff Howlett, Never For Nothing (7/10)

WE WILL SEE (2018)
We Will See - ArtworkTrack listing:
1. Hideaway
2. Valley of Decision
3. Blessed Assurance
4. Within a Yard of Hell

℗ 2018 K180 Music
Download HERE
Produced by Gareth Hides
Mixed and Mastered by Tim Gosden
Artwork by Christina Brown
Gareth Hides – Vocals, Piano, Guitars, Organ, Ukulele
Markiyan Harbych – Bass
Katya Harbych – Drums
Matthew J. Sunners & Michael Taylorson – Backing Vocals (Hideaway)
Dominic Ryland-Jones – Violin (Hideaway)
Lizi Bailey – Backing Vocals (Valley of Decision)
Matthew Bailey – Harmonica (Valley of Decision)
Katherine Priestley – Backing Vocals (Blessed Assurance)
Elmar Diener – Piano & Additional Programming (Blessed Assurance)
Josh Raybould – Cornet (Blessed Assurance)
Roger Hides – ‘Cello (Blessed Assurance & Within a Yard of Hell)
Huw Hides – Backing Vocals (Within a Yard of Hell)
Günther Kass & Ryan Baker-Barnes – Guitars (Within a Yard of Hell)
Tim Gosden – Additional Percussion & Programming

What people are saying about “We Will See”
“…’Hideaway’ is a brilliant song. I have played it over and over again, as it’s galloping chorus goes round and round my head…I’m sure that this recording will go down as well as its predecessor. The only trouble with this 4 track EP is that I wanted more!” Geoff Howlett, Never For Nothing (9/10)


Track listing:I Will Seek You Final Artwork
1. I Will Seek You
℗ 2015 K180 Music
Free download: click HERE
Produced by Gareth Hides
Mixed by Tim Gosden
Mastered by Denis Blackham at Skye Mastering
Artwork by David & Agota Rencsenyi
Gareth Hides – Vocals & programming
Abi Mroczynska – BV’s
Nat Hodges – Bass
Jordan Tomeš – Acoustic Guitar
Elmar Diener – Piano
Seth Martin – Drums

Albumartwork3ALL THE PEOPLE (2014)
Track listing:
1. Revive Me
2. Faces of the People
3. Tonight
4. Stopped Me in My Tracks
5. New Creation
6. Stumbling Block
7. Will You Come?
8. Our God of Love
9. Heaven When I Die
10. Every Time You Go Away
11. See You in Heaven
℗ 2014 K180 Music. Unauthorised copying or lending is actively encouraged.
Free download: click HERE (K180 Music)

What people are saying about “All The People”
“A mighty fine album” Geoff Howlett, Never for Nothing (9/10)
(ATP was chosen as #5 in the Independent Album category at the 2015 Never For Nothing Awards)
“It left me with a smile on my face” Jono Davies, Louder Than the Music (★★★★1/2)
“An excellent songsmith” Steve Luff, Cross Rhythms (9/10)

Track Listing:
1. Daily News
2. Bury My Head
3. Greatest Is Love
4. Mirror Dimly
℗ 2012 Gareth Hides.

Download: iTunes 
& all other major online stores.
Produced by Gareth Hides
Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Chris Smith
Assisted by Nic Burrows
Gareth Hides – Vocals, Guitars, Piano
Chris Betts – Drums
Pete “MZ” Emms – Bass
Paul Westwood – Guitars
Chris Smith – Keyboards
Roger Hides – ‘Cello
Sarah Hides – BV’s
Recorded at Raindance Music, Stourbridge, UK
Artwork by Pete at

What people are saying about “Face to Face”
“Well written melodies, chords and lyrics in a wonderfully positive and catchy tone…” Cross Rhythms

Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. Bread & Stones
3. Treasure Found
4. Sift Me Like Wheat
5. Where Were You?
6. Outro

℗ 2011 Gareth Hides. Unauthorised copying or lending is actively encouraged.

Free download: Click HERE (K180 Music)

What people are saying about “Counting Sheep”
“…Powerful and moving…an impressive debut.” Sarah Richards (Cross Rhythms)
“I love this guy.” Luke Weston (UCB UK)
“I managed to listen to the whole thing without falling asleep… quite a reasonable piece of work really.” Mike Rimmer (UCB UK) 



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