About Gareth

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Gareth Hides is a Gospel singer-songwriter based in London, UK. He has recently released his new EP ‘We Will See’ in February 2018, featuring four brand new songs. His debut album, ‘All The People’ was released by K180 Music in December 2014. Prior to this, he released a pair of EPs: ‘Counting Sheep’ (2011) and ‘Face to Face’ (2012). Gareth has a passion for using music to ask questions about life, faith, and Jesus. His lyrics are bold and urgent, communicating his passion not for ‘religion’, but for the Good News of Jesus – the love of God shown at the Cross. He is currently working on a new album.

Gareth married his sweetheart, Sarah, in 2009 and they have a precious little girl.


Gareth has the ability to always put a smile on your face, his music has that same gift – it is rich and diverse, with strong narrative and voice, a recommended listen.”
Rachael Orrell, CEO, Saltmine Trust

2 thoughts on “About Gareth

  1. Hi Gareth This is a very powerful and moving cd. We just can’t stop listening to it. Received it Easter morning. We are very proud of you. God has great plans for you. Love from Port Colborne On Canada the Parton family

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